What are the reasons for the sprocket and chain rollers to be broken, cracked or deformed?

First, the chain pitch is too large or the number of sprocket teeth is too small.If the pitch is too large, the rollers and the gears do not match well, which will easily cause the rollers to crack; if the number of teeth is too small, the rollers cannot be completely jammed, and the rollers may also be cracked.Maintenance measures: According to the actual situation, choose a chain with a small pitch or increase the number of teeth of the sprocket.

Second, there are debris in the sprocket tooth groove, and the roller is crushed by the debris and cracked.Maintenance measures: remove the debris in the tooth groove, or replace the chain with a new one.

Third, the chain crawls too high on the sprockets.Climbing too high due to chain mismatch, or too loose.Maintenance measures: Replace the chain with a new one, or, depending on the situation, properly tighten the chain.

Fourth, the impact on the chain is too high, exceeding its maximum load.Maintenance measures: reduce the load and reduce the impact on the chain.