The advantages of cycloid reducer and maintenance and replacement

Cycloidal reducer is one of the commonly used reducers and has been used in many occasions.Compared with other reducers, the advantages of cycloidal pinwheel reduction are mainly reflected in the following aspects.
  Small size and light weight, the cycloidal pinwheel reducer has the characteristics of small size, compact structure, light weight, and is favored by users.

  Large transmission ratio: The cycloidal pinwheel reducer has a higher speed ratio. When the first deceleration is performed, the transmission ratio is XNUMX; the deceleration ratio is reduced in two stages.
  High transmission rate: Because the cycloid gear reducer adopts the tooth surface meshing of rolling meshing gears, the meshing surfaces have no relative sliding, and the total efficiency can reach above.
  Easy to assemble and disassemble, easy to repair: Due to the reasonable structure design of the cycloid reducer, the disassembly and assembly are simple and easy to maintain, with few parts and simple lubrication.

  Long life and low noise: The principle of planetary gears, the number of operations of teeth bite, the overlap coefficient is large, the comprehensive balance of a part of the body is the main operation of grinding bearing steel after quenching, the wear is minimized, the noise is low, and the service life is long. operate.
  The car needs gasoline to run, and it is also a reducer cycloid reducer, which requires oil to run.Every time you use a reducer, oil makes a big difference.Different cycloid reducers use different oils, and different temperatures make the use of oils different.So how do we use oil to run the reducer?
  The planetary cycloid reducer is installed vertically to prevent the oil pump from being disconnected and the parts of the cycloid reducer from being damaged.The upper part of the rotatable breathing cap can be refueled when refueling.When changing oil, turn the drain plug at the bottom of the valve seat to release dirty oil.Cycloidal pinwheel reducers do not have lubricating oil inside the factory.
  The new cycloid reducer has been greased and replaced every six months.
  Under normal circumstances, the horizontal cycloidal pinwheel reducer, the use of oil pool lubrication, the oil level in the middle of the oil window can be used for circulating lubrication in harsh working conditions and high ambient temperature.
  The oil should be replaced with new oil for the first operating hour, and then the internal oil should be cleaned every six months after continuous operation. If the working conditions are poor, the oil time can be appropriately shortened, which proves that the frequent cleaning of the oil in the reducer can prolong the use of the reducer. Longevity plays an important role.Lubricating oil should be added frequently during use.
  Lubricate the room temperature general reducer with or mechanical oil to improve performance and extend the life of the reducer, or gear oil, which works under high and low temperature conditions, can also be reconsidered in lubricating oil.
  From the comprehensive analysis, it can be concluded that the oil in the entire cycloid reducer plays a very important role.At normal temperature, the use of engine oil can give full play to the performance of the cycloid reducer.In the long-term work and the use of the cycloid reducer, it can effectively protect the agent and prolong its service life.

  How to solve the early pitting cycloid reducer.Pitting is related to lubricating oil and is closely related to the material of the cycloid reducer.There will be some handling criteria for normal usage.Another point is that the gear contact caused by the partial overload of the overloaded gear in the bad place causes the actual contact stress of the gear material to greatly exceed the allowable contact stress, and the gear cannot reach full tooth length contact or contact at the tooth end, or diagonal contact.
  Materials and Processing Standards
  The choice of gear material is correct and the load is matched to the effect used.The choice to match the hardness of the heat treatment is also the reason that affects the early pitting.
  Two, the lubrication of the lubricating oil gear transmission and the unreasonable selection of lubricants also lead to early pitting corrosion.In order to prevent early pitting of the cycloid reducer gears:
  Reasonable lubrication.Gear reducer transmission and selection of appropriate lubricants.
 Improve the gear installation accuracy of the gear reducer and ensure the contact accuracy of the gears.
  If there is no good investigation in the assembly and installation of the center drive cycloid reducer, there may not be two synchronous transmissions, and the load sharing effect is poor. In this case, one side of the transmission gear may not be able to withstand the load. And overload, the other side of the transmission gear (times the maximum design load), is likely to cause tooth surface.