Wide application of reducer in machinery industry

With the wide application of the reducer in the machinery industry, our understanding of the common sense of the reducer needs to be strengthened. Only after understanding the knowledge of the reducer can we operate the reducer better. The following introduction

Method / step
The first point is to pay attention to the construction of the installation site of the reducer.The installation of the reducer requires that the ground be flat and the ventilation conditions should be as good as possible. It is necessary to know that the installation site has a great influence on the use of the reducer in the future.

The second point is to pay attention to the daily maintenance of the reducer. Don't just use it. Don't maintain it. This is a taboo for the use of the reducer. If the equipment is good, if it is not maintained, its life should be reduced by at least one third.Therefore, daily maintenance is particularly important. The daily maintenance of the reducer includes: the use and replacement of lubricating oil, check whether the installation foundation, seals, transmission shaft, etc. are normal, and the maintenance of important parts such as the shell.The gearbox cleaning and maintenance machine uses the original oil supply and discharge system of the gearbox and the filtered old oil to realize the functions of cleaning the gearbox, quickly filtering waste oil, and filling new oil. The operation process does not change the hardware facilities or The addition of cleaning agent ensures the safe operation of the gearbox and prolongs its service life.

The third point is to pay attention to the maintenance during the deceleration period.When the reducer is out of service, the user should not leave it alone. Just like a car, it’s okay to open it every day, but if it’s a year, leave it to the wind and sun, and if you want to drive it again, you should first go to the auto repair shop. went.When the reducer is idle, pay attention to regular inspection and maintenance in accordance with the requirements of the manual. When it is used again, it can be used immediately after the machine is turned on and there will be no accidental failure.