Common Problems of Worm Gear Screw Lifts

Worm gear screw lifts can be widely used in machinery, construction, chemical, medical and other industries. It can accurately control and adjust the height of lifting or propulsion according to the program. It can be directly driven by a motor or other power, or manually.The worm gear screw elevator will have some common faults in the process of use. The editor will summarize the common problems of the worm gear screw elevator for everyone, and I hope it will help you.
The drive pinion helical gear is worn.It generally occurs on vertically installed reducers, mainly related to the amount of lubricating oil added and the selection of lubricating oil.When installed vertically, it is easy to cause insufficient lubricating oil. When the reducer stops running, the transmission gear oil between the motor and the reducer will be lost, the gears will not get the proper lubrication protection, and will not be effective during startup or operation. Lubrication can lead to mechanical wear and even damage.Worm gear worn.The worm gear is generally made of tin bronze, and the paired worm material is generally hardened with 45 steel to HRC45-55, and 40C is also commonly used: hardened HRC50-55, which is ground to a roughness of RaO. 8 fcm by a worm grinder. When the reducer is running normally, The worm is like a hardened "file", constantly filing the worm gear, causing wear and tear on the worm gear.Generally speaking, this wear is slow, and some reducers can be used for more than 10 years.If the wear rate is fast, it is necessary to consider whether the selection of the reducer is correct, whether there is overload operation, the material of the worm gear, the assembly quality or the use environment.