Precautions for use of reducer lubricating oil

Precautions for use of reducer lubricating oil

1. For the reducer system with centralized lubrication of thin oil, due to the stricter requirements on lubricating oil or oil tank temperature, cooler (steam cooling) or cooling coil (water cooling) is usually used to cool it.Although gear oil is required to have good anti-emulsification properties, it is very easy to emulsify the oil after a considerable amount of water is infiltrated into the oil. After the gear oil with extreme pressure anti-wear agent is emulsified, the additives are hydrolyzed or precipitated and separated and lost. The original performance, and produce harmful substances, so that the gear oil deteriorates rapidly and loses its performance.Tieba lubricating oil engineer reminds everyone that emulsified oil must not be used continuously.For the lubrication system cooled by water (or steam), care must be taken to prevent the leakage of water (steam), so as to avoid unnecessary damage to the reducer.

2. For the reducer system that uses the pump for circulating lubrication, pay attention to the pressure difference of the pump and clean the filter screen in time.If the pressure difference of the pump is large in a short period of time, or the frequency of cleaning the filter screen increases significantly, and the sludge and metal wear debris on the filter screen increase significantly, it means that the use of the lubricating oil is not very good in a certain sense.In addition to the problems of materials and design, it can be said that the selection of lubricating oil is not reasonable enough: one is that the viscosity is not suitable enough, and the other is that heavy load can be used instead of medium load, that is, a higher-grade gear oil can be used, and the effect will be significantly improved.

3. It is necessary to avoid mixing new oil with old oil (rather than adding oil as required), or adding high-viscosity oil in order to achieve a certain viscosity due to a decrease in viscosity.In doing so, there may be some short-term effects, but the performance of the oil will be significantly reduced, and the lubrication conditions of the equipment will be deteriorated, resulting in increased wear, which will shorten the service life of the equipment in a certain sense.In addition, it may be because the main ingredients are different, the additives "fight" when they are mixed, so that the effects of the additives can cancel each other out, and the consequences for the equipment are unimaginable.

4. Regarding the oil replacement period, theoretically speaking, the short oil change period can better reduce the wear of friction pairs and prolong the service life of the equipment, and at the same time provides a necessary condition to ensure its normal operation.But from the point of view of economic benefits, oil should be used more accurately and effectively.Whether to change the oil and when to change the oil, in addition to following the regulations on the oil change period, should also be considered based on factors such as the operating time and operating rate of the equipment, so as to maximize the use of oil products.

5. Regularly monitor the oil temperature, vibration, noise and other problems of the oil-using equipment.When the tooth surface is damaged due to poor lubrication conditions, it can directly lead to a significant increase in vibration and noise.