What series can helical gear reducers be divided into?

The helical gear reducer adopts the optimized and advanced design concept of the modular combination system. It has the characteristics of small size, light weight, large transmission torque, stable starting, and fine transmission ratio classification. It can be connected arbitrarily and in various installation positions according to user requirements. s Choice.The following small series will introduce the classification of helical gear reducers:

R series

R series helical gear reducer has the characteristics of small size, light weight, high carrying capacity, high efficiency, long service life, convenient installation, wide range of motor power, and fine transmission ratio classification.It can be widely used in equipment that needs to slow down in various industries.

S\K series

The helical gear worm gear reducer adopts the direct connection form of the motor, and the structure is a first-stage helical gear plus a first-stage worm gear drive.The output is shaft-mounted, with six basic installation forms.It can rotate forward and backward. The helical gear adopts hard tooth surface, stable operation, large carrying capacity, and working environment temperature -10℃~40℃. Compared with similar products, this product has the characteristics of large speed change range, compact structure and convenient installation.It can be widely used in the deceleration mechanism of various mechanical equipment such as metallurgy, mining, lifting, light industry, chemical industry, transportation, construction and so on.

F series

The F series parallel shaft geared motor adopts the modular design principle of unit structure, which greatly reduces the types of parts and inventory, and also greatly shortens the delivery cycle.The ribbed high-rigidity cast iron box and gears are made of high-quality alloy steel. The surface is carburized and quenched and hardened, and the teeth are ground and finished. The transmission is stable, the noise is low, the bearing capacity is large, the temperature rise is low, and the service life is long.Products are widely used in light industry, food, beer and beverages, chemicals, escalators, automated storage equipment, construction, machinery, iron and steel metallurgy, papermaking, wood-based panel machinery, automobile manufacturing, tobacco machinery, water conservancy, printing and packaging, pharmaceuticals, textiles, building materials , logistics, feed machinery, environmental protection and other fields.This series of reducers does not have oil before leaving the factory. It is recommended to add N3141 intermediate pressure industrial gear oil in GB220 before use.