Explanation: Models, specifications and representation methods of gear reducers

Models, specifications and their representation

  1. Models are: ZQ, ZQH, ZQSH type gear [1] wheel reducer PM type cylindrical gear reducer JZQ series gear reducer

  PJ type cylindrical gear reducer ZQA type cylindrical gear reducer ZQ, ZQD large speed ratio cylindrical gear reducer

  ZD, ZDH, ZDSH type reducer ZL, ZLH, ZLSH type reducer ZS, ZSH, ZSSH type reducer

  ZSC, ZSC (A) reducer ZDY, ZDZ hard tooth surface cylindrical gear reducer JB/T8853-2001

  ZLY, ZLZ hard tooth surface cylindrical gear reducer JB/T8853-2001

  ZSY, ZSZ hard tooth surface cylindrical gear reducer JB/T8853-2001

  YK series cone-cylindrical gear reducer YB/T050-93K series cone-cylindrical gear reducer

  FZLY type cylindrical gear reducer ZBJ19004-88FDBY type conical cylindrical gear reducer ZBJ19026-90

  YN series gear reducer YB/T050-93

  HNK type arc gear reducer YB/T050-93QJY series hoisting machinery reducer

  QJ-L type crane vertical reducer JB/T8905.3-1999

  QJ-T type crane set reducer JB/T8905.4-1999QJ type crane reducer JB/T89051-1999

  QJ-D crane base type reducer JB/T8905.2-1999

  DBY, DCY, DBZ, DCZ cylindrical gear reducer JB/T9002-1999

  ZZL type conical cylindrical gear reducer S series gear reducer

  ZDS type gear reducer JB/T5560-1991

  GS type high-speed involute cylindrical gear box TJ315 type cylindrical gear reducer

  JDX edge transmission reduction JC/T878.2-2001MHS, HS series gearbox

  ZJY shaft mounted cylindrical gear reducer JB/T7007-1993

  PYZ series hard tooth surface shaft mounted reducer C first-stage helical gear reducer CE two-stage helical gear reducer

  CR helical gear reducerZWS series spiral bevel gear reducerZLZ series spiral bevel gear reducer

  ZLS, ZLSA spiral bevel gear reducer ZLD, ZLDA spiral bevel gear reducer JS series gear reducer


  两级:112、125、140、160、180、200、224、250、280、315、355、400、450、 500、560、630、710;三级:160、180、200、224、250、280、315、355、400、450、500、560、630、 710;