Detailed introduction of parallel shaft gear motor

Parallel shaft gear motors are widely used in various industrial machinery such as small conveyors, food machinery, packaging machinery, agricultural machinery and so on.In recent years, there has been an increase in customer demand for products that are quieter, more reliable, and easier to design.
  In order to meet the needs of customers, Sumitomo Heavy Industries started to release the gear motor "Prest NEO series 2007kW to 6kW" in pursuit of "six ease of use" in 0.1, and further developed a new development to meet the needs of customers for small capacity models. series products below 2.2W.

  *Involute gear
  Its characteristic is that the tooth shape adopts an involute curve (the trajectory traced by the endpoint of the wire when the circular winding wire is unwound), and it is a trapezoidal shape with a circle.At present, the gear mechanism is adopted by many products.
  XNUMX.Long life and high reliability
  The ultra-small model below 90W adopts the same design standard as the Prest NEO series from 0.1kW to 2.2kW, with good strength and long life.

  XNUMX.High allowable radial load (load applied perpendicular to the shaft)
  High allowable radial loads are achieved with high load capacity bearings and high rigidity housings.Increases the degree of freedom in customer design.
  XNUMX.Output shaft end tap (threaded hole)
  According to customer requirements, the output shaft end is processed by standard M5×13 taps, which are rare in gear motors of this power.
  XNUMX.Low noise is more suitable for operation in quiet environment
  Since it is widely used in close-up environments such as healthcare machines, it adopts a high-engagement gear and a high-rigidity design for quiet operation.
  XNUMX.Uniform flange size
  The flange size of all models of 40W, 60W and 90W has been unified to 90mm square.
  The shaft diameter and shaft length are also the same, so depending on the usage, even if the motor capacity is changed, the design of the customer's machine does not need to be changed.
  In addition, the flange size is the same as that of the Hyponic reducer, Altax gear motor, and Astero gear motor, so they can be used separately. (The shaft position and the dimensions around the shaft are different.)
  XNUMX.Machining with dimples (concave and convex on the joint surface, accurate fit processing)
  According to customer requirements, the housing around the output shaft is dimpled.Easy centering when installing gear motors.

  【Type of model】
  Motor output
  40W 60W 90W
  Reduction ratio
  5 7.5 10 12.5 15 20 25 30
  40 50 60 70 (common to all capacities)
  Installation method
  Flange mount type, foot mount type
  Motor type
  Three-phase 200V Three-phase 400V Single-phase 100V Single-phase 200V
  Each without brake, with brake
  【The main purpose】
  Small conveyors, mixers, food machinery, packaging machinery, fitness machines, agricultural machinery, game machines