Domestic reducer is facing transformation

my country is currently in a transitional period of economic and social development, and the reducer industry, as an early starter in China, is bound to set a certain example to promote the smooth transition of my country's economic and social development.

  The transformation of China's reducer industry can be started in the following three directions:

  First of all, with the support of the state for green and environmentally friendly reducers, the transformation of the reducer industry should pay attention to establishing and improving innovative systems and mechanisms, insisting on refining and recycling the chemical industry, intelligent and high-end equipment manufacturing, and biotechnology in the pharmaceutical industry. , serialization, high-end and integration of emerging industries as the core, and jointly promote the healthy and efficient development of the industry.

  Secondly, reducer enterprises strengthen cooperation with large enterprises and consortia at home and abroad.At present, the foreign economic situation is not optimistic. Innovative reducer enterprises should be supported by large projects and good projects, continue to increase investment in technology and special personnel, and continue to form; attract large projects, cultivate large enterprises, gather large industries, and build large The development strategy of the park.

  Finally, the industry should cultivate brands and apply for patents, and speed up the creation of a soft environment for transformation, upgrading and innovation and development.The mechanical transmission industry in various fields of the reducer and the civil economy involves product categories including various gear reducers, planetary reducers and worm reducers, including various special transmission speed increase devices, speed control devices, and various composites including flexible transmission devices. Transmission equipment and other product service fields involve metallurgy, color, coal, building materials, ships, water conservancy, electric power, construction machinery and petrochemical industries.

  Promote independent innovation, implement brand strategy, and improve the added value of hardened gear reducers. The current lack of professionals has become a bottleneck restricting the further development of China's hardened gear reducer industry, which will inevitably affect China's hardened gear reducers. Professional World Competitiveness.To deal with this title, it is possible to go the route of a combination of internal development and external introduction.Cultivate and introduce professional talents of hardened gear reducer, and improve the intellectual capital factor. China's hardened gear reducer industry is a labor-intensive industry.Give full play to the guidance and support effect of the government, and create a good environment for the development of the hardened gear reducer industry.Vigorously develop the industrial cluster of hardened gear reducers and build an industrial chain of hardened gear reducers.

  The development of the industry requires not only the coordination of the industrial chain and the establishment of an innovation system, but also the driving force of leading enterprises.When the power gradually increases and the benign operation ability continues to superimpose, the development of the industry will continue to improve and upgrade, and develop towards a healthy and efficient development.