How to solve the damp phenomenon of the reducer

In daily use, we often find that the reducer will be damp due to the placement of the position and other factors, which will affect the normal use. How should we solve this problem at this time:
  1. External heat source heating method.For the damp reducer, dismantle it first, then put it into the machine with a high-power incandescent light bulb to bake it or put it into the drying room for drying.
  2. Welding machine drying method.Before the operation of this method, the terminals of the damped windings are connected in series, and the casing is grounded, so that the three sets of windings can be heated and dried.
  3. Excitation coil drying method.That is, the excitation coil is wound on the stator coil iron core of the reducer spiral cone reducer, and the alternating current is passed in to make the stator generate magnetic flux, and rely on its iron loss to dry the stator.