Importance of lift installation

Many people think that the elevator machine itself has high strength when using the elevator, so they did not strictly follow the installation method in the manual during the installation process. However, they do not know that this will cause increased wear and tear of the parts and inflexible operation, and also pay attention to the working environment. The corresponding installation precautions should not be paralyzed.

Correct installation, use and maintenance of elevators is an important part of ensuring the normal operation of mechanical equipment.Therefore, when you install the lift, please be sure to carefully assemble and use it in strict accordance with the following installation and use related matters.

1. Before installation, confirm whether the motor and the elevator are in good condition, and strictly check whether the dimensions of the parts connecting the motor and the elevator match. Here are the dimensions and matching tolerances of the positioning boss of the motor, the input shaft and the groove of the elevator.

2. Unscrew the screw on the dustproof hole on the outer side of the elevator flange, adjust the clamping ring of the PCS system so that the side hole is aligned with the dustproof hole, insert the hexagon socket and tighten it.After that, remove the motor shaft key.

3. Connect the motor to the lift naturally.When connecting, it must be ensured that the concentricity of the elevator output shaft and the motor input shaft is consistent, and the outer flanges of the two are parallel.Inconsistencies in concentricity can cause motor shaft breakage or lift gear wear.

In addition, during installation, it is strictly forbidden to hit with a hammer to prevent the bearing or gear from being damaged by excessive axial force or radial force.Be sure to tighten the mounting bolts before tightening the tension bolts.Before installation, wipe off the anti-rust oil on the motor input shaft, positioning boss and connecting parts of the elevator with gasoline or zinc-sodium water.Its purpose is to ensure the tightness of the connection and the flexibility of operation, and to prevent unnecessary wear.

Before connecting the motor to the lifter, please make the keyway of the motor shaft perpendicular to the tightening bolt.In order to ensure the uniform force, please screw on the mounting bolts at any diagonal position first, but do not tighten them, then screw on the other two diagonal mounting bolts, and finally tighten the four mounting bolts one by one.Finally, tighten the tension bolt.All tightening bolts need to be fixed and checked with a torque wrench according to the indicated fixed torque data.