How to realize the wireless measurement and control technology of screw elevator

At present, the main wireless transmission technology is used to test and measure the performance data of products and deal with wireless transmission conflicts.Recently, lead screw elevators have also been proposed based on the performance testing system of lead screw elevators, using customized wireless sensor network protocols.The protocol proposes a centralized voting method and an adaptive variable frequency filtering method to avoid data conflicts and increase data reliability.Tests have shown that the system meets the requirements of the lead screw lifter test.

The comprehensive performance test bench is a key technology used by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China and the Science and Technology Support Program for the development of problems in lead screw elevators.Its purpose is to create test and acceptance conditions for the development of tracking lead screw lifts.The data transmission scheme used in the test platform can be roughly divided into two types: wired transmission and wireless transmission.The measurement is not applicable due to the problems of wire fray and difficult wiring due to the wired transmission scheme.The existing wireless technology has been able to fully meet the transmission speed required by the system.Therefore, the conflict between the wireless transmission scheme selected by the system and the wireless solution for data communication is mainly faced, and a solution is proposed for the reliability of the data.

The system architecture is divided into the terminal equipment of the hardware test platform and the wireless gateway equipment of two modules.Test platform for terminal equipment, through power management module, sensor module, level conversion module and data processing module.The design of the measurement of the cable displacement sensor is selected to write the state and the speed, acceleration, and the position of the force sensor to be tested under the load state of the measurement device, in order to obtain the safety, reliability and Durability characteristics provide guidance on production design.Wireless gateway equipment is responsible for network group forwarding and test platform construction, data and control command processing, communication terminal equipment and test terminal PC or laptop.It is mainly composed of data processing module and communication protocol conversion module.Part of the software, this protocol includes computer software and communication protocols.The information system and network users provide comprehensive human-computer interaction. PC software controls the hardware and hardware operation of the system, collects data during operation, processes, displays and saves the stored data through the computer host, and adjusts the SQL database through ASP. Website testing.

According to the specific requirements of the test, the basic protocol of the communication protocol is optimized according to the needs of the lead screw elevator system, and the stability of the data communication protocol test platform and the digital operator test platform and the reliability of the data are protected in accordance with the law.