What are the precautions for the selection of screw lifts?

If you need help choosing the screw jack that best meets your needs, please provide the following parameters:
1. Lifting weight of SJ series screw elevator: how many kilograms (Kg);
2. Lifting speed of SJ series lead screw elevator: moving length of lead screw or screw nut per minute or per second: how many millimeters (mm);
3. The movement of the screw: the screw moves, or the nut moves;
4. A device for one or more lifts;
5. Whether the SJ series screw lifter is directly connected with the drive motor.
Important calculation of SJ series lead screw elevator: calculation of lead screw root diameter
Precautions for selection of SJ series screw lifts:
1. Single-phase AC motor, three-phase AC motor, DC motor (DC12V, DC24V) stepper motor, servo motor can be matched with screw lift, the default working environment temperature is -20° ~ 40°, if the ambient temperature is -40 °~70°or other non-standard processing please specify.Both stainless steel screw lifts and cast aluminum box screw lifts can be manufactured;
2. 持续负载率(工作制)为10分钟内工作的百分比,SJT/SKT梯形丝杠丝杆升降机的工作制为30%,SJB/SKB滚珠丝杠升降机的工作制为50%,当负载率小于100%时根据实际情况可以提高持续负载时间;
3. The actual input power cannot be greater than the maximum input power of the elevator, the maximum input speed cannot exceed 1800rpm, the working environment temperature affects the maximum input power, the load rate is the percentage of the actual load and the rated load, the actual input torque = load rate X full load torque, input Power = (full load torque Nm X load rate X input speed rpm)/9550, actual maximum input power = rated maximum input power X temperature coefficient (-20°~40° temperature coefficient is 1);
4. The reduction ratio of the trapezoidal screw lifter R2 has a self-locking function. The reduction ratio of R1 is not sure of self-locking when the load rate exceeds 65%, and the brake must be equipped under the conditions of self-locking;
5. 梯形齿丝杠丝杆升降机在300mm行程时的轴向误差为0.1mm。(滚珠丝杠丝杆升降机在300mm行程时轴向误差为0.07mm);
6. The screw lift cannot directly bear the lateral force during the movement. In the case of the lateral force, the guide, guide rail, spherical joint, trunnion installation method, self-aligning nut, etc. can be considered to offset the lateral force. .