The detailed steps of the ball bearing method of the screw elevator nut

When you want to use balls for ball screw jack nuts, you must have a sleeve with the same diameter as the ball groove of the screw, after the nut has been cleaned with kerosene, grease the ball groove, and use a needle Put a little grease on your head.Use the grease on the needle to stick the balls one by one into the ball groove, put the sleeve into the nut after putting it down, and use the screw to hold the sleeve and rotate it to screw it in. The function of the sleeve It is the ball screw that does not push out the balls when the ball screw is screwed in.It should be installed with the corresponding type of dummy shaft, and the corresponding type of steel balls must be imported.The detailed steps are as follows:
1. Clean the ball screw nut and balls.
2. Put the plastic ball stopper (ball reverser) back into the nut.When installing the ball stopper, pay attention to the smooth connection between the inlet and outlet of the ball stopper and the spiral groove.
3. Apply grease to the nut.
4. Put the ball into the spiral groove.Note that not all the spiral grooves are filled, the balls are placed according to the principle that a ball stopper is a circular garden. I see that your nut seems to be 4 ball stoppers, that is, 4 circular circles.
5. Screw the nut into the lead screw (be careful not to drop the ball).
6. Rotate the nut forward and backward to check whether the nut runs smoothly. If it is smooth, it means OK.
For other methods of installing balls in ball screw jack nuts, first of all, it is not recommended for users to disassemble and install nuts by themselves, especially for high lead ball screw jacks.If the nut falls off accidentally or you have disassembled it now, please re-install the nut according to the following method: make a machine with an outer diameter slightly smaller than the bottom diameter of the screw raceway (about 0.1mm smaller), and an inner diameter slightly larger than the outer diameter of the screw end (0.5~2mm larger), the length is longer than the nut length (10~50mm long) hollow sleeve.