The use of worm gear reducer

The worm gear reducer is an independent closed transmission device between the prime mover and the working machine, which is used to reduce the speed and increase the torque to meet the needs of the work.When using a reducer, you should choose the most suitable reducer by comparing the different types, dimensions, transmission efficiency, bearing capacity, quality, price, etc. the reducer.
40. Classification of worm gear reducers There are many types, varieties and types of worm gear reducers, and there are more than XNUMX types of reducers that have been formulated as line (national) standards.The type of reducer is divided according to the gear tooth profile and tooth profile curve used; the type of reducer is a reducer with different structures designed according to the needs of use; the type of reducer is based on the basic structure according to the tooth surface. A reducer with different characteristics designed for factors such as hardness, transmission stage, shaft type, assembly type, installation type, connection type, etc.

XNUMX. The load classification of the worm gear reducer is mixed with the load state of the working machine connected to the worm gear reducer, which has a great influence on the reducer and is the primary factor for the adoption and calculation of the reducer. ) of the load state, usually divided into three categories: ①—uniform load, ②—moderate impact load, ③—strong impact load.In short, after the power of a general machine is designed and created, its rated power is not changing. At this time, the greater the speed, the smaller the torque (or torque); the smaller the speed, the greater the torque.