Common faults and solutions of worm gear reducer

Worm gear reducer is a kind of transmission equipment with large transmission ratio and very compact structure. It is the most commonly used and widely used mechanical equipment in reducers.And with the needs of various industries in our country, the role of this equipment has become more and more obvious. In addition, after many technical upgrades of the equipment, various performances have also been effectively improved, but despite this, the equipment is unavoidable during use. There will be some glitches and problems.So what are the common faults of this kind of equipment? How to solve and deal with these faults? The following is a detailed introduction to the relevant content.

  The equipment often has faults and problems such as heat generation, oil leakage, and wear during use.Worm gear reducer heat is mainly due to the friction and heat generated by the various parts of the equipment during the transmission operation, especially the worm wheel and worm are mostly made of hard steel, so gaps are more likely to occur during transmission.Under such transmission conditions, the oil in the equipment will also become thinner under the action of heat, resulting in oil leakage.In addition, the wear of components such as gears and bearings is also a common failure of this kind of equipment. Generally speaking, slow wear is the normal wear and tear of the equipment, but rapid wear is an abnormal problem that requires attention.

  In the face of these faults and abnormalities, they must be resolved in time to avoid greater faults or losses during operation.If you want to ensure the operation effect of the worm gear reducer and reduce the failure rate, you need to pay attention to the following points: first, ensure the assembly specifications, use professional tools in the installation, and try to use original accessories; second, select suitable equipment The lubricating agent of high quality can form a protective layer for each part to reduce wear and oil leakage; the third is to choose horizontal installation, try not to choose vertical method.In addition, the daily maintenance of the equipment should be strengthened during use.