How to reduce noise during operation of worm gear reducer

Everyone in the reducer industry knows that the noise of the reducer, especially the worm gear reducer, is a headache for many reducer manufacturers.

Reducing the noise and ensuring the stability during operation is the primary prerequisite for the quality of the reducer.Regarding how to achieve this goal, many scholars at home and abroad regard the change of gear tooth meshing stiffness in gear transmission as the main factor of gear dynamic load, vibration and noise.

Use the method of shape modification to minimize the dynamic load and speed fluctuation to achieve the purpose of reducing noise.This method has proved to be a more effective method in practice.

However, with this method, a modification device is required in the process.After years of research, it is proposed to optimize the gear parameters, such as displacement coefficient, tooth height coefficient, pressure angle, and center distance, so as to minimize the impact speed of engagement, and the ratio of impact speed to impact speed is at a certain value. The gear design method that reduces or avoids the impact of the meshing pitch circle can also significantly reduce the gear noise of the worm gear reducer.