The 4 major steps of the correct operation of the reducer are extremely important

Motors are very common today, no matter which motor has good performance during use, it can help people achieve the desired effect.A reducer is a very common electric motor that is expected to achieve better performance during use.People should pay more attention when operating.
1. Before unpacking, people should check whether the packaging of the reducer is in good condition, and should also ensure that it is not damp or there are other problems.Tilt or flip must be avoided during operation, otherwise it is easy to cause damage to the motor and its performance will be reduced.
2. The inspection of the reducer before use cannot be ignored. People need to check whether there is any damage, but also ensure that its accessories are intact, and the fasteners should also ensure that there will be no loosening, otherwise this will cause the motor to violently during use. vibration.

3. For the installation of the reducer, people should pay more attention.It is best to ensure that the installation complies with the relevant regulations and that the installation of the host is reliable.
4. The use of the reducer is to ensure good ventilation conditions, and there should also be cooling conditions, otherwise it will affect the use of the motor.