Precautions for trial operation of worm gear reducer

OnWorm gear reducerAfter the load has been tested for a period of time, please carefully check whether the fasteners are loose, etc., to ensure their safe operation.During the trial operation, please pay attention to whether the worm gear reducer has noise and whether the heat dissipation work is good.

  The description of the oil inspection and lubricating oil replacement method of the worm gear reducer is as follows:

  1. Check the lubricating oil level of the worm gear reducer and cut off its power supply in order to prevent electric shock and wait for the reducer to cool down.

  2. Remove the oil level plug to check whether the oil is full, and install the oil level plug only after the inspection is passed.

  3. Open the oil screw plug, take out the lubricating oil sample, and check the viscosity index of the lubricating oil.If the lubricating oil is obviously cloudy, it is recommended to replace the new lubricating oil as soon as possible.

  4. For the worm gear reducer equipped with oil level plug, unscrew the oil level plug, check the refueling height, and add lubricating oil if necessary.

  5. The replacement of lubricating oil, the viscosity of the oil increases after cooling, and it is difficult to drain the oil, so the worm gear reducer should be changed at the operating temperature.