What principles need to be followed in the selection of cycloid reducer protectors

OnCycloid reducerDuring the production process, the manufacturer of the cycloid reducer has increased the use of protectors inside. The main function is to protect the safety and long-term use of the cycloid reducer, which is not easily affected and avoids losses to the operation process and structure.However, since the protector is a joint industry of cycloid reducer, there are many different types and styles on the market, but if you want to choose a protector with better quality and performance, you must follow the selection principle.

  1. It should be able to fully protect the cycloid reducer, and at the same time, it should be able to help the cycloid reducer to improve its overload capacity, and at the same time, its own quality should be relatively good, and it should not be easily damaged.

  2. The specific function should be designed according to the function and function of the cycloid reducer, so as to ensure long-term use and achieve a better effect on the protection of the cycloid reducer, but the manufacturer of the cycloid reducer is choosing When it is necessary to make a targeted choice, choose a suitable protector with better quality for the cycloid reducer.