Is the domestic brand of reducer better or imported?

Which brand of domestic reducer is better?At present, most of the domestic gearbox industry is basically in a saturated and slow stage.The products of domestic reducers are mainly limited by the level of materials and craftsmanship.Transmission products typically have large capacities, or large gear ratios.Low efficiency, short life, poor reliability, etc.Through independent research and development and design, the brand tradition has improved the bearing capacity of the reducer and made breakthroughs in the bearing structure.The efficiency and life of the reducer have been greatly improved.

  The advantages of imported gear reducers are highlighted in materials and processes, with long service life and good reliability.However, the transmission form is still dominated by fixed shaft gearing, and size and weight are still an issue.The clean hard surface reducer is a well-known brand transmission product of the international advanced level.The Jie brand follows the modular and optimized design concept, adopts limited analysis technology, and adopts a unique low-noise gear tooth profile design to ensure advanced design; the transmission ratio is finely graded, with millions of different combinations, which can meet the needs of users. various needs.Strict control from material selection to manufacturing.The precision casting of the box is,.It's beautiful and strong, through hardened, hardened gears.durable.Processed by FMC flexible manufacturing unit, the product is high-precision and maintenance-free.At present, Norman brand reducer has the characteristics of large transmission ratio, high power, small size, high efficiency and long life. After continuous technical improvement and user feedback, Norman brand reducer products have more stable performance and more reliable quality.