Gear reducer performance characteristics

Performance characteristics:

  1. The product adopts modular design, there are three ways of motor input, shaft input and hole input, and it is equipped with foot and flange installation. It is suitable for various high-efficiency reduction and variable-speed transmissions, and can directly replace stepless and cycloid.

  2. Low energy consumption, low noise, low vibration, and the efficiency of the reducer is as high as 96%.

  3. A special wide-band and wide-voltage motor is used, which can be used normally within the frequency range of 20Hz-60Hz at full load.

  4. The gear pair adopts the carburizing and quenching heat treatment process, and adopts the unique low-noise tooth profile design to ensure the service life of the product.

  5. Large torque, small size, low temperature rise and wide output range.

  6. The special gear grease is used to ensure the normal operation of the reducer for 20000 hours without changing the oil.