Reasons and Solutions for Oil Leakage of Worm Gear Machines

Reasons and solutions for oil leakage of worm gear reducer

There are many reasons for the oil leakage of the worm gear reducer, but the main reasons for the leakage are mainly the following reasons:

The first reason for oil leakage is that too much oil is added. If the oil is added too much, the machine itself is not stable and will shake during the operation of the reducer. If the oil is added too much, it will definitely move around with the shaking of the machine. splash;

The reason for the oil leakage of the second worm gear reducer is that the maintenance is not good at ordinary times, and the dirt caused by the maintenance is not in place, so that the sealing performance of many seals is not good, so that the oil will leak due to the shaking of the machine itself during use;

The third reason is that the pressure caused by the pressure difference between the inside and outside forces the oil to leak.The reason for the pressure is that the reducer is in use because of the friction and friction of the machine gear, the temperature will rise, and the resulting pressure will leak the oil from some very small slits. It is best not to use it for a long time. Keeping the machine running, and maintenance, must remove all dirt.