How to improve the life of the reducer

Friends who have contacted the reducer know that the service life of the reducer is determined by the size of the external load and the internal wear rate.Excessive load on the inside and outside will easily lead to broken teeth, broken shafts and wear of moving parts, and the wear of moving parts will make it difficult to form a smooth oil film. In this case, the ways to increase its service life are as follows:

First, it is necessary to avoid excessive external load on the components driven by the reducer.

Second, the wear of parts such as bearings or gears inside the reducer should be controlled at a reasonable scale.

Third, it is necessary to ensure that the inside of the bearing and the meshing surface of the gear meet the hydrodynamic lubricating oil film.

1 Install the reducer correctly to avoid excessive additional force

The reducer device must meet the corresponding installation requirements to avoid large additional force (that is, adding external load) due to poor alignment, lack of cooperation accuracy, and excessive oscillation, which will accelerate the damage of the reducer.Such faults should be discovered and dealt with in time in the early stage of work or during work, otherwise, the oscillating load may cause abnormal conditions such as accelerated wear or bearing running circles, and reduce the service life of the reducer.

2. Repair the driven parts and reducer in time to avoid excessive load on the inside and outside of the reducer

The components driven by the reducer can experience excessive external loads due to wear, scaling, cracks, or damage to the support bearings.Therefore, in normal maintenance operations, targeted inspection and repair specifications should be formulated and implemented to avoid excessive external loads and reduce the service life of the reducer.For example, for the reducer itself, through the detection methods such as five-view perception, vibration monitoring, and ferrogram analysis of lubricating oil, the lubricating oil, oscillation, temperature, noise, etc. can be monitored, and the existing faults or dangers can be found in time. Repair or replace damaged parts to ensure that the working conditions of the reducer itself meet the design requirements, and avoid or avoid excessive internal load.

3. Ensure that the structure between the bearing and the tooth surface satisfies the hydrodynamic lubricating oil film.

The composition of the full hydrodynamic lubricating oil film is the basis for improving the service life of the reducer.Here are the specific methods:

XNUMX. Reasonable selection of lubricating oil Reasonable selection of lubricating oil is the key to ensuring sufficient lubrication.When selecting lubricating oil, consider factors such as line speed, limit load, operating temperature, and operating environment, and choose lubricating oil reasonably.

There is no doubt about the oil products recommended by imported reducer manufacturers, but the small amount of lubricating oil recommended by domestic reducer manufacturers is unreasonable.At the same time, when domestic lubricating oil is used instead of imported lubricating oil, there is an inappropriate substitution.This situation is extremely detrimental to the service life of the reducer, because within a short period of time ((1 year), without relying on the analysis of lubricating oil, it is impossible to see the serious consequences of improper oil use. Therefore, the selection of lubricating oil To bring about contentment.

XNUMX. Ensure the cleanliness of lubricating oil

The thickness of the full hydrodynamic lubricating oil film of the gears and bearings of the reducer. Under the condition of the reducer, lubricating oil and external load, the thickness of the oil film is also stable, mostly between a few microns and tens of microns. The abrasive particles and external pollutants generated in the oil film can damage the oil film condition and accelerate the wear of the relative moving parts (this condition is especially the wear of the moving parts with high moving speed). High pressure will also accelerate the transformation of smooth oil.Therefore, the number of abrasive particles in the oil is reduced, the cleanliness of the lubricating oil is improved, and the smooth parts and lubrication can be greatly improved.

The service life of the oil.Example: SKF bearing manufacturer has conducted many experiments and deeply studied the influence of various factors such as load, oil viscosity, particle contaminants on bearing life and came to the conclusion: that is, the 2-5 micron solid particles in the lubricating oil are removed, and the rolling bearing is exhausted. The lifespan can be extended to 10-50 times the original.Therefore, reducing or controlling the amount of foreign matter in the oil can not only effectively reduce equipment wear, but also effectively extend the service life of lubricating oil.

The specific methods are: the newly added lubricating oil should avoid pollution; when using the oil, avoid external pollutants (dust, water, etc.) from entering the oil; completely clean the oil tank when changing the oil; for important equipment or large and medium-sized reducers, consider adding more Install an oil filter to filter the lubricating oil online; equipment with high requirements for cleanliness, or equipment that is inconvenient to install an oil filter, can use high-precision oil filtering equipment to filter the lubricating oil in use.

XNUMX. Avoid the occurrence of smooth incidents of the reducer

The reducer can be dry due to oil leakage due to lack of oil, and it can also increase wear and tear due to the entry of moisture, dust, slurry, etc., resulting in a smooth accident.Therefore, it is necessary to regularly check the dynamic sealing point, vent plug, oil level change and other conditions during the spot inspection operation to prevent external pollutants from entering the reducer, prevent poor lubrication and dry burning due to lack of oil.For reducers that use cooling water to cool lubricating oil, or operate in open-air steam and other environments, it is also necessary to strengthen the inspection of lubricating oil inflow conditions to avoid lubricating accidents caused by water ingress.

XNUMX. Regularly monitor the quality of lubricating oil and achieve "change oil according to quality"

The lubricating oil in use can be polluted by the entry of external pollutants such as dust and moisture, and it can also be aged and deteriorated due to the addition of internal abrasive particles, which often decelerates and deteriorates, resulting in the early use of the lubricating oil, and the improvement of cleanliness. And extending it a long time makes Chuan live longer.Therefore, a certain oil change mode cannot meet the needs of equipment management.Regularly carry out sampling and analysis of i1'tl lubricating oil, which is beneficial to know the quality change of lubricating oil in time and find out the lubricating oil that should be discarded, so as to ensure reliable lubricating.For gear lubricating oil, if one of the work reaches the specifications in the table below, it should be replaced with new oil.

XNUMX. Ensure that the lubricating oil of the reducer operates at a reasonable temperature range

The lubricating oil has its suitable working temperature, too high or too low is bad for the lubricating oil.For example, if gears and bearings work in a 5 0C lubricating oil than in 3 ℃ lubricating oil, the wear will increase by 10-12 times: and when the oil temperature exceeds 55-60 ℃, the oil temperature will increase by 5 ℃. The oxidation rate of the oil will be doubled.Therefore, for the general reducer that uses mineral oil to lubricate, firstly, it is necessary to prevent the temperature from being too low, which is generally higher than the pour point; secondly, to avoid the oil temperature being too high, generally the oil temperature cannot exceed 80 ℃.For equipment with lower oil temperature, a heater should be used.For the reducer with high oil temperature, cooling methods such as controlling the oil level and forcibly dissipating heat should be adopted.For example, our company's seed tank reducer adopts an electric fan to force cooling.