Reasons and treatment methods of uneven transmission of planetary reducer

The planetary reducer is composed of a worm gear, a worm, a cast steel casing, a plane pressure bearing, a taper bearing and an oil seal.The code name is ZC worm industry, which is called arc tooth worm. Its origin is the concave worm of the former Soviet Union of the former West Germany (G.Niem-ahh) and the arc tooth cylindrical worm (JB2318-79) of my country. Belonging to this type of worm, he and the worm gear form a worm gear pair.The jitter, noise, high temperature rise and stuck problems during the lifting and driving of the planetary reducer:
1. What are the causes and treatment methods of noise during the use of the reducer?
Answer: The reason for the noise during the operation of the worm gear reducer is the uneven splitting of the multi-head worm of the fast planetary reducer, and the reason for the noise at the slow speed is the quality of the bearing.

2. Reasons and solutions for the excessive temperature rise and stuck of the reducer?

Answer: The maximum temperature of the reducer should not exceed 45 degrees Celsius under normal working conditions. If there is a high temperature, the machine should be stopped immediately for inspection. Generally, the reason for this problem is that the reducer of this tonnage is too small and overloaded, or the worm and worm gear end cover. In accordance with the high temperature situation that occurs when the pressing is too tight, the input speed is not excluded. The worm gear reducer is lubricated with butter, and the maximum speed of the worm shaft should not exceed 1000min/s. The treatment method is to reduce the input speed, check whether the insert fit of the gland is too tight and whether the planetary reducer is short of oil.
3. What are the causes and solutions for the jitter of the reducer during normal use?
Answer: The reasons for the jitter of the planetary reducer after additional load during use are the uneven pitch of the lead screw, the uneven separation of the worm, the substandard quality of the plane pressure bearing and the tapered bearing, the tight fit of the upper and lower sheaths of the lead screw, and Installation inconsistency problem.