Summary of various quality problems that may occur in worm reducers

Summary of various quality problems that may occur in worm reducers:

The various quality problems that may occur in the worm reducer are inseparable from the design quality, processing quality and assembly quality. From this point of view, we analyze the frequently asked questions about the worm reducer, and summarize the professional design of Qiaoxing Company in the past 15 years. The experience of manufacturing worm reducer, collecting and accumulating the quality information and after-sales service of various products feedback from users, after sorting out, make a comprehensive analysis of the reasons why the worm reducer is often asked, and put forward some corresponding Countermeasures are provided for the reference of users and peers, aiming to strengthen technical exchanges in the industry.Promote the development of the transmission industry.

Worm reducer is a kind of transmission machine with compact structure, large transmission ratio, and reliable self-locking function under certain conditions. It is also one of the most commonly used reducers. It has more than ten characteristics, and the production tools are mature. A large amount of commonly used machinery.

Worm reducers occur in production and use, and are often asked.In order to improve the transmission efficiency, non-ferrous metals are generally used as the worm gear, and the worm is made of harder steel.Since it is a sliding friction transmission, it will generate high heat and noise due to sliding friction, and it also has certain requirements for lubricating oil.Among the many problems it has, from the point of view of use, the first is heat oil leakage and noise, and the reasons for these problems are various, such as the influence of product design, processing technology, and manufacturing process equipment accuracy and assembly. accuracy, etc.

In addition, it is also related to the viscosity of the material lubricating oil, as well as the use environment.3. The main reason is whether the material matching is reasonable, whether the surface quality of the meshing friction surface is reasonable, and whether the selection of lubricating oil is reasonable.In terms of material, tin bronze is an ideal choice for the worm gear, but it is limited by objective conditions, and its price is higher, and its strength is worse than that of aluminum bronze.

The paired worm material is generally hardened to 1 with 45 steel, and 4555 is often used. After hardening, it is ground to a roughness of 40 by a worm grinder. Generally, it is no longer polished because of cost.Therefore, microscopically, the right worm is like a hardened file. When the pair is running, it keeps filing the copper worm gear, thereby generating a lot of heat, and the chain reaction is the generation of leakage.

Because of the difference in the amount of thermal expansion between the heating parts, between this part and the sealing part, the difference in the amount of thermal expansion caused by the uneven distribution of heat and the difference in the material of each part, it is easy to produce leakage gaps in each mating surface, so that the interior is caused by dry thermal expansion. And the thinned oil leaks out.

The noise comes from the dynamic vibration of the meshing area of ​​the worm gear pair, so it is necessary to better solve these problems and improve the selection of lubricating oil on the meshing surface as much as possible. Smooth entry into the meshing area.

The specific method is to process the oil culvert on both sides of the top of the worm gear. After the worm gear is hobbed, use a large hob or move the position of the hob and turn the angle of the tool holder to cut the worm gear meshing entrance and the meshing door. You can also add a worm gear. Top circle arc radius.