Analysis of 13 common problems of worm gear reducer

ThisGear reducerWhen it cannot be started, the motor cannot be started forcibly for many times, which will cause damage to the motor.It should be analyzed in detail according to the actual situation and symptoms, and the gear reducer can not be started after finding out the reason for it. The purpose of this is to prevent the expansion of the electric fault.

Especially in the case of abnormal noise or overheating of the gear reducer, the power supply should be disconnected in time when the temperature is too high to ensure that the motor is not damaged.To protect the motor from these small problems, solving these small problems can avoid the expansion of electric faults, and can prolong the service life of electric motors.

When the gear reducer cannot move, we should start to find the reasons from the following aspects:

  1. Check whether the power supply of the gear reducer is connected

  2. The fuse is blown

  3. Open circuit of stator or rotor winding

  4. Grounding of stator group

  5. Phase-to-phase short circuit of stator windings

  6. Wrong connection of stator group

  7. Overloaded transmission machinery is rolled

  8. The rotor copper bar is loose

  9. Whether the lubricating grease in the bearing of the gear reducer is used up. The gear reducer has been added with lubricating grease before leaving the factory. It is not necessary to replace the lubricating grease under normal conditions for 20000 hours of operation. However, when operating under special environmental conditions, such as high temperature, The frequency of oil change is 10000-15000 hours when running for a long time.Therefore, when using the gear reducer, you should pay attention to the frequency of its oil replacement. There may also be an expansion of the rotating shaft due to heat, which hinders the rotation in the bearing.

  10. The wiring of the control equipment is wrong or damaged

  11. The overcurrent circuit breaker is adjusted too small

  12. The old-fashioned walking switch oil cup lacks oil

  13. The rotor resistance of the wound rotor motor is improperly equipped.