The approximate cause of abnormal vibration of the wheel reducer

The main components of the wheel reducer are gears, worms, bearings, casings, etc., and others include oil seals, oil caps, bolts, etc.Gear reducers are widely used, such as in chemical, printing, packaging, lifting, food and other fields are commonly used.

However, due to improper use, installation and maintenance during the use process, various failures will inevitably occur, which will strictly affect normal production and production safety, such as abnormal vibration.Most of the abnormal vibration of the worm gear reducer during operation is related to the turbine, worm, bearing and other components.

According to the analysis of past experience, the general reasons for the abnormal vibration of the gear reducer are as follows:

1. Installation quality problems, poor fixation;

2. Gears and worms are worn or damaged;

3. The bearing is damaged or poorly lubricated;

4. There are foreign objects such as particulate metal inside.