Economic and Social Benefit Analysis of Cycloidal Pinwheel Reducer

Cycloidal pinwheel reducer is currently the leading product in the domestic reduction and transmission industry.The transmission principle of the cycloid reducer is the planetary transmission of the epicycloid wheel and the pin tooth meshing designed by the principle of epicycloid meshing. After decades of development, its theory is perfect, its products are mature, and the products have been standardized and serialized.Due to the advantages of small size, light weight, large transmission ratio range, high transmission efficiency, stable transmission, low noise and reliable operation, the cycloid reducer has been widely used in metallurgy, mining, petroleum, chemical industry, shipbuilding, environmental protection, light industry, It is used in many sectors such as food, textile, printing and dyeing, lifting and transportation, and military industry.

The industrialization of the hypocycloid reducer only needs to solve the special processing equipment for the hypocycloid wheel, which can be produced in the existing cycloid reducer production plant or general machinery factory. Metallurgy, chemical and other large-scale machinery factories can be realized, and a professional hypocycloid reducer factory can also be built.Due to the superior performance of the hypocycloid reducer and the broad market prospects, in addition to occupying the market of the existing cycloid reducer at home and abroad, there will be more and greater market demand with the increase of the power of the hypocycloid reducer.If the output of the cycloid reducer in 2010 accounted for 1% of the reduction gear market, its sales revenue reached 3800 million yuan, and the profit was about 760 million yuan. Profit is about 2015 million.

Due to the backward technology of the existing cycloid reducer products, they are not competitive.The profit of the product is very low.According to the statistics of the reduction gear industry: in 2005, the output of the industry was 60.5 units, the sales income was 29.2 billion yuan, and the total profit was 1.6 million. Yuan, its profit only accounts for 2010~85% of sales revenue.

The hypocycloid planetary reducer has independent intellectual property rights and high performance, and its profit can account for 20% of sales revenue. In 2015, the output of hypocycloid reducer reached 30% (about 30) It can increase sales revenue by 8.5 million yuan and profit by 6 million yuan. Calculated at 50kg/unit, it can save 1.5 tons of materials.If the product can be updated as soon as possible, it will produce great economic and social benefits.