What are the advantages of cycloid reducer?

Cycloidal pinwheel reducer is one of the common reducers and is used in many occasions.Compared with other reducers, the advantages of the cycloid reducer are mainly reflected in the following aspects.

Small size and light weight; Cycloid pinwheel reducer has the characteristics of small size, compact structure and light weight, and is favored by users.


High transmission efficiency: The cycloidal pinwheel reducer adopts rolling meshing in the meshing part of the tooth surface of the machine, and the meshing surface has no relative sliding, and the general efficiency can be above 90%.

Easy disassembly and assembly, easy maintenance: due to the reasonable structural design of the cycloid reducer, simple disassembly and assembly are easy to maintain, fewer parts are used, and lubrication is also very simple.

Long service life and low noise: Due to the principle of planetary transmission, the number of gnawing teeth of the pendulum needle during operation is large, and the overlapping coefficient is large, and the overall body runs in a balanced manner. The main parts are quenched with bearing steel and then finely ground. Reduced to a minimum, so the noise emitted during operation is low and the service life is long.