What is the reason for the smoke when the speed machine is in use?

If the reducer emits smoke during use, it is really annoying, so what is the cause of this kind of situation?Let's analyze it for you.

1. The temperature of the operating environment is too high, exceeding 40 °C, which makes the air inlet of the reducer too hot, and it is difficult to dissipate heat. Take cooling measures;

2. The bearing is damaged or worn too much, which makes the stator and rotor rub against each other. You can check whether the bearing of the reducer is loose and whether the stator and rotor are poorly assembled;

3. The cage rotor is broken or the coil joint of the winding rotor is loose, causing the maintenance network current to be too large and heating. The copper bar rotor can be repaired or replaced by welding, and the cast aluminum rotor of the reducer should be replaced.

4. Wrong winding wiring, mistakenly connecting a star into a delta, or mistakenly connecting a delta into a star, and the reducer running under the rated load will cause the motor to overheat, and should be checked and corrected;

5. If the fan in the reducer is damaged, installed reversely or not installed, it should be installed correctly, and the damaged fan should be repaired or replaced.