Maintenance method of elevator in emergency

We rarely encounter the damage of elevators in daily use. As a mature equipment, elevators have the advantages of safety and stability, high operation efficiency, and low maintenance costs. However, if the machine is not properly operated or maintained, some minor problems will occur. , so when encountering these small problems, we can prescribe the right medicine, deal with the maintenance in time, greatly reduce the overall damage of the elevator, and avoid unnecessary losses.
First, the oil leakage of the cylinder is serious.The oil cylinder is the life conveying device of the elevator. If the oil leakage is serious, the sealing ring should be checked in time, and the sealing ring should be replaced in time if it is damaged or broken.
Second, if the platform rises unevenly, you can check whether there are foreign objects in the oil cylinder or the oil pipe. The hydraulic oil in the oil cylinder should be replaced in time every quarter. At this time, we can disassemble the oil pipe, then discharge the hydraulic pressure inside, and place the oil pipe in the oil pipe by the way. The foreign objects are discharged together, and the contaminated hydraulic oil should be replaced. The hydraulic oil should be purchased according to the manufacturer's instructions, otherwise the machine will be damaged.

Third, the wire rope is broken; wire ropes are consumables, general wire ropes can be purchased from some monopoly, and can be installed according to the installation instructions given by the manufacturer.If you encounter a situation that cannot be installed, please contact the manufacturer for maintenance in time.
Fourth, there are many reasons why the elevator cannot go up. First, check whether it is overweight and whether the door is not important; then check the motor condition. If the motor is burned, it must be returned to the factory for maintenance.