Two working methods of screw elevator

Spiral screw liftMainly by driving the worm to rotate, the lead screw can move up and down to achieve the effect of push-pull or jacking. There are two main forms of rotation of the screw lift:

Form XNUMX: The screw of the screw lifter rotates and the nut moves. This transmission form needs to limit the rotation of the nut, so a guide device is required.It is characterized by compact structure and good lead screw rigidity.It is suitable for occasions with large working stroke.

Form XNUMX: The nut of the screw lifter is fixed, and the screw rotates and moves. This transmission form is mainly supported by the nut itself, which eliminates the possible additional axial movement of the screw bearing. The structure is relatively simple. High transmission accuracy can be obtained.But its axial dimension should not be too long, otherwise the rigidity will be poor.Therefore, it is only suitable for occasions with small strokes.