Three points you should pay attention to during the running-in period of the worm gear screw lift

Today we are going to analyze the three points of knowledge that should be paid attention to during the break-in period of the newly purchased worm gear screw lift. You must know that this is a key link for the long-term application of the worm gear screw lift in the future, so today we will give you Let us explain in detail as follows:

Knowledge 1. Select the appropriate lubricating oil. If the gear oil is less than 11KW, use the gear oil with small load and use the gear oil with medium load.Pay attention to regular oil level and quality, tightness.Regularly add grease, pay attention to the direction of rotation of different types of oil pumps, clockwise rotation is correct.

Knowledge 2. Keep the motor clean, fix the parts, and prevent the parts from falling off due to vibration.

Knowledge 3. At the end of the running-in period, the oil should be changed in time, and the worm gear screw lift should be checked and maintained regularly.