Analysis of the action parameters of the screw elevator

With the mechanization transformation of all walks of life, transmission machinery has gradually been widely used, and the screw lift is one of the most profitable transmission machinery. Let's take a look at the function and parameters of the screw lift:

1. The speed of linear motion unit can reach 16 inches/second (4.88 meters/second)

2. Travel range: 2 – 22 feet (0.61 – 67,66 meters)

3. The above helical screw elevator motion unit ball screw or belt drive, linear bearing with prismatic slide or ball slide

4. Linear motion unit to provide stepper motor, servo motor, AC motor or DC motor and complete sets of control equipment

5. Meta load range: 80 – 12,500 lbs (356 – 55,625N)

6. Designed for packaging, assembly and material handling applications

Because of the modular, modular and self-supporting construction of the screw jack motion units, these actuators can be easily assembled into X–Y and gantry configurations.