Installation and precautions of the fixed connection of the worm wheel screw elevator

Wheel screw liftThe installation and precautions of the fixed connection are as follows:
XNUMX. Assembly of threaded connections
1. The threaded connection should have a proper tightening force.The more important threaded connections that bear dynamic loads are generally specified with preload requirements.It must be tightened as required during assembly.There should also be a suitable tightening force for ordinary threaded connections without preload requirements.
2. For parts that are threaded in groups, the bolts must be tightened in a certain order, and the tightening should be done step by step.In this way, it is beneficial to ensure uniform contact between threads, good fit, and consistent load between bolts.
3. In order to prevent the bolt from loosening due to vibration, the threaded connection must have suitable locking measures.
1) Add spring washer.
2) Tighten with double nuts.
3) Lock with a backstop washer.
4) Tie with steel wire.
5) Lock with a safety washer.
6) Lock with a cotter pin.
Second, the assembly of the key pin connection
1. In the flat key connection, the working surface of the key is two sides.In general machinery, the key is required to be fixed in the shaft groove and slide in the hub groove.In mechanical transmissions that transmit heavy loads, shocks and bidirectional torque, the keys should be fixed in the shaft grooves.For machines in which the hub and key are guided along the shaft groove, the key must be fixed in the hub.Slide in the shaft groove.In the repair assembly, the keys are usually reworked, and the single key width is up to the requirement with flat grinding.
2. The oblique key connection is generally used in the connection that does not require high coaxiality.Its working surface is upper and lower, with a slope of 1:100.When the key is driven, the pressure between the shaft and the hub creates friction to transmit torque.Therefore, its upper and lower sides should fit well with the upper and lower sides of the keyway, and generally need to be ground.There should be a certain gap between the side and the keyway
3. When the spline is connected, the matching requirements between the spline shaft and the hole are more accurate.When assembling, the burrs and sharp edges at the protrusions must be cleaned first to prevent pulling and biting.Then paint the inspection hole and shaft fit, and through assembly, the spline hole can slide freely on the shaft.
4. The taper of the taper pin connection is 1:50, which has a self-locking effect and can ensure the positioning accuracy of the connecting piece.Its positioning accuracy mainly depends on the taper hole accuracy.The taper hole reamed with the reamer requires that the contact area with the taper pin be greater than 60% and evenly distributed.
5. When the cylindrical pin is connected, the fit between the pin holes requires interference.When the interference is lost after disassembly, it is necessary to re-drill a pin hole with a larger size of the hinge and install a new cylindrical pin.
Third, the assembly of interference fit
The interference fit of the worm gear lifter is mainly suitable for the connection of parts subject to impact load, and the connection of parts with less disassembly.The assembly method is mainly
1. Use a press to press into the assembly.
2. Temperature difference method assembly.