What are the characteristics of the selection of the worm gear screw elevator linkage platform?

Worm gear screw lifts are used by more and more industries because of their affordable price, convenient installation, and flexible use.The screw lift has a good self-locking function for the worm gear and worm drive, and can maintain the load even without a braking device. The worm gear is used to rotate the worm gear. The rotation of the worm gear drives the screw to do axial movement to complete the deceleration and lifting functions.
The screw lift can be composed of one or more sets to form a working platform, and a motor or handwheel drives and cooperates with other components to achieve synchronous and stable lifting and lowering operation.It should be noted that whether the screw lift platform is two, four or multiple linkages, when selecting the drive, we recommend that one motor be used to complete it. It is difficult to achieve synchronization and stability in the driving operation channel.