What are the inspection methods for screw lifts?

During the long-term use of the screw elevator, there will inevitably be some failures.At this time, don't panic, you should investigate and improve the failure of the screw elevator in the presence of professional technicians, so as not to affect the normal work efficiency.Today we are going to introduce to you some countermeasures for the failure of the lead screw lifter in the application process if the lift cannot be lifted or the lift force is weak. The details are as follows:
Check method XNUMX. The pressure adjustment of the relief valve does not meet the requirements and adjust the pressure to the required value;
Check method XNUMX. The oil supply pump is faulty;
Check method XNUMX. The oil level is too low, and the oil inlet filter is blocked;
Check method See the exclusion method of the above item XNUMX for the leakage of the oil cylinder of the screw lifter;
Check method XNUMX. The reversing valve is clamped or leaked;
Check method XNUMX. Check the leakage of the check valve Check the wear and damage of the check valve core and valve seat, whether the check valve spring is fatigued or deformed, etc.