How to avoid jamming and high temperature of screw elevator

The screw lift is composed of a worm gear, a worm, a casing, a plane pressure bearing, a taper bearing and an oil seal.The maximum speed of the worm shaft should not exceed 1000min/s, and the screw lift with high speed should choose a good brand of lubricating oil as far as possible.

The drive screw lift is suitable for low-speed and low-frequency work situations. The maximum temperature under normal working conditions should not exceed 45°. The reason for the excessive temperature may be that the selected lift is too small to cause overload or the worm gear and the worm end cover are pressed in together. Excessive tightening causes high temperature, and it does not rule out that the input speed of the screw elevator is too high, which will cause the elevator to rise in temperature and get stuck.The solution to the above situation is very simple, reduce the speed, check the end cover, and check the lubricating oil. If there is a lack of oil, it needs to be replenished in time.