Screw lift screw spindle maintenance

Maintenance of the screw spindle of the screw elevator: To reduce the working temperature of the bearing, lubricating oil is often used.Lubrication methods include oil-air lubrication and oil-circulating lubrication.

When using these two methods, pay attention to the following points:

1. When the screw elevator is lubricated by oil circulation, it is necessary to ensure that the oil volume of the main shaft constant temperature oil tank is sufficient and sufficient

2. The oil and gas lubrication method is just the opposite of the oil circulation lubrication. The screw lift only needs to fill XNUMX% of the bearing space capacity.

The advantage of circulating lubrication is that, under the condition of satisfying lubrication, it can reduce friction and heat generation, and can absorb part of the heat of the screw lifter assembly.