Effective method to prevent reverse transmission of ball screw elevator

The ball screw elevator has high transmission efficiency and cannot be locked in white. When it is used to drive components that move vertically, it is necessary to prevent reverse transmission due to the weight of the components after the transmission is interrupted.

The transmission efficiency of the nut pair of the ball screw elevator is as high as 85% to 98%, which is 2 to 4 times that of the ordinary sliding screw. There is no difference in the static and dynamic friction coefficients. The use of it is to improve the sensitivity of the feed system and the positioning accuracy. And one of the effective measures to prevent crawling.

Saide Transmission reminds you of the specific methods as follows:

1) Use a servo motor or stepper motor that cannot be reversely driven, but the reverse torque of the motor needs to be greater than the inertia torque of the transmission.   

2) Use electromagnetic or mechanical brakes, or one-way overrunning clutches.

3) Adopt worm reducer that cannot be reversely driven