Can the speed of the cycloid reducer be adjusted when it is used?

Can the speed be adjusted while using?
The speed adjustment of the cycloid reducer is different in actual use, so how should we adjust the speed during operation?
In actual use, the speed of the cycloid reducer cannot be adjusted. Why do you say that?Because the power revolution of the motor and the speed ratio of the reducer are fixed after the reducer comes out of the manufacturer, it is impossible to adjust the speed.However, in the early stage, the reducer can be customized according to the needs to solve the problem of speed regulation of the reducer.There are 2 main methods:
(1) Determine the speed ratio according to the needs: Although the speed reducer cannot be directly adjusted, the speed ratio can be determined according to the needs at the time of purchase, so that it is within the required range, which solves the problem of speed regulation due to mismatch.
(2) Use frequency conversion motor for speed regulation: In order to meet the needs of some users for speed regulation, the cycloidal pinwheel reducer has a special frequency conversion motor for speed regulation, which can meet the needs of speed regulation within a certain range and solve the problem that the reducer cannot speed problem.
Therefore, when customers buy the required reducer, they must determine the various parameters, and purchase the cycloid reducer according to the parameters.