How to extend the service life of the reducer

The service life of the reducer is determined by the size of the external load and the rate of internal wear.Excessive load on the inside and outside can easily lead to the breakage of the gear shaft and the wear of the moving parts, which makes the formation of the lubricating oil film difficult. Therefore, when the reducer has adopted hard-toothed gears, the way to improve its service life is first. To avoid excessive external load on the components driven by the reducer,
The wear of components such as bearings or gears in the reducer should be controlled at a reasonable scale, and the inside of the bearing and the meshing surface of the gear should be ensured to meet the hydrodynamic smooth oil film, and the reducer should be installed correctly to avoid excessive additional force.
It is necessary to repair the driven parts and reducer in time to avoid excessive load on the inside and outside of the reducer.

The parts driven by the reducer are subject to excessive loads due to wear and aging. In daily maintenance, targeted maintenance should be performed to avoid excessive external loads, thereby reducing the service life of the reducer.It is possible to check the hidden dangers of the reducer through the conventional detection method, find out the existing problems in time, replace the damaged parts in time, and ensure the operation of the reducer itself.
The composition of the lubricating oil film is the basis for the service life of the reducer.Reasonable selection of lubricating oil is the key to ensuring adequate lubrication.When selecting lubricating oil, consider factors such as line speed, limit load, operating temperature, operating environment, etc., and choose lubricating oil reasonably.
To ensure the cleanliness of the lubricating oil, the thickness of the full hydrodynamic lubricating oil film of the reducer gears and bearings, and the thickness of the oil film is also stable when the reducer, lubricating oil, and external load are determined.Abrasive particles and external pollutants generated in the normal use of the reducer can damage the oil film condition and accelerate the wear of the relatively moving parts (this condition is especially the wear of the moving parts with high moving speed), so it is harmful to the oil film formation. Some high temperature and high pressure will also accelerate the transformation of smooth oil.Therefore, it is necessary to reduce the number of abrasive particles in the oil and increase the cleanliness of the lubricating oil.
The newly added lubricating oil should avoid pollution. When using the oil, avoid external pollutants (dust, water, etc.) from entering the oil; completely clean the oil tank when changing the oil; for important equipment or large and medium-sized reducers, consider installing an oil filter , Equipment that requires high cleanliness, or equipment that is inconvenient to install oil filters, can use high-precision oil filter equipment to filter the lubricating oil in use.

The reducer can be dry due to oil leakage, and it can also increase wear due to the entry of moisture, dust, slurry, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to check the sealing position, vent plug, oil level change and other conditions on a daily basis to prevent external pollutants from entering the deceleration. machine, dry burning without oil.For the reducer cooled by cooling water or operating in the open air, it is also necessary to strengthen the inspection of the lubricating oil inflow condition.
Regularly check the quality of the lubricating oil to ensure the quality of the lubricating oil. For the gear lubricating oil, if one of the work reaches the specifications in the table below, it should be replaced with new oil.Make sure that the lubricating oil of the reducer is operated at a reasonable temperature.