Ball screw elevator ball screw nut loading method

Ball screw liftHow to install balls in ball screw nuts

  First of all, it is not recommended for users to remove and install nuts by themselves, especially high-lead ball screws.In the event that the nut falls off accidentally or you have disassembled it now, re-install the nut in the following way: make an outer diameter slightly smaller than the bottom diameter of the screw raceway (about 0.1mm smaller), and the inner diameter is slightly larger than the outer diameter of the screw end ( A hollow sleeve with a length of 0.5~2mm) and a length longer than that of the nut (length 10~50mm).

  Block one end of the hollow sleeve with a soft foam packing material, insert it into the cleaned nut without balls, and then put the cleaned balls into each circulation groove one by one, and fill it with a circle (the gap is 0.5 ~1.5 ball diameter size is appropriate) and then gently turn the hollow sleeve, confirm that it is smooth, and then push the hollow sleeve for the next turn until it is fully filled.

  Then remove the filler of the plug, put the hollow sleeve together with the nut into the shaft end of the screw, hold the hollow sleeve with one hand, and slowly screw the nut onto the screw with the other hand until the nut is smoothly screwed into the effective thread groove of the screw. slot part.Finally, inject grease or lubricating oil into the oil injection hole of the nut, rotate the nut for more than 2 full strokes to ensure smooth operation, and finally inject the lubricating oil again.