The internal structure of the ball screw elevator

Ball screw liftThe working principle of the ball screw lift is the same as the working principle of the ordinary trapezoidal screw lift, which belongs to the same structure of the linear motion machine. It will be converted into linear motion according to the lead of the corresponding specification with the rotation angle of the lead screw, and the passive workpiece can be connected by the nut seat and the nut, so as to realize the corresponding linear motion.Ball screw lifts are gradually being widely used in the industry. Now it is suitable for high-speed, high-frequency and high-performance devices. The main components of ball screw lifts are precision ball screw pairs and high-precision worm gears. High, use ball friction to improve the efficiency of the whole machine, only a small driving source can generate a large driving force.

  Ball screw liftInternal structure:

  1. When choosing a ball screw lift, be sure to pay attention that no matter the static and dynamic load can exceed the maximum load value of the model, and select the appropriate model according to the stroke length of the screw.Otherwise, it will cause irreversible damage to the lift itself or the lead screw.

  2. The maximum input speed of the ball screw lift is also 1500rpm,

  3. The operating temperature of the ball screw elevator is -15-45 degrees Celsius. It is necessary to use special grease suitable for temperature use in low temperature or high temperature operation. It is the best if the working environment can be heated or cooled.