What are the reasons why the screw lift can't lift or the lift force is weak

Screw liftAs a functional component, it has been widely used in all walks of life, such as: the execution device of numerical control equipment, the locomotive maintenance lifting platform, the roll adjustment device in the metallurgical industry, the ladle lifting and turning device in the steelmaking plant, and the places beyond the reach of people. Motion transmission device, vehicle lifting frame in the railway vehicle industry, large flexible clamping, indexing tooling, welding robots, etc., mobile equipment and combined formwork in the construction industry, automatic or remote control opening devices for large doors and windows, gates for water conservancy and other industries The opening device, adjusting the height of the swimming pool floor, radar and solar remote sensing devices, adjusting the height of the operating table for medical equipment, lifting the stage and the lifting device of the automobile manufacturing industry, as well as the transmission device of aerospace, national defense and military, etc.
Screw liftWhat are the reasons for the inability to lift or the weak lift force:
1. The pressure adjustment of the relief valve does not meet the requirements, adjust the pressure to the required value.
2. If the cylinder leaks, check or replace the cylinder components.
3. The reversing valve is clamped or leaked, check or replace the valve assembly.
4. The oil level is too low, the oil inlet filter is blocked, add enough oil and clean the oil filter.
5. There is a problem with the oil supply pump, check or replace the pump.