How much should be added when filling the worm gear reducer

In our usual work, as a novice, do we often encounter such problems. When we fill the worm gear reducer with oil, do we not know how much to add? If we add too much, it will leak. More importantly, I don't know under what circumstances to add it. In fact, no matter which type of reducer we refuel, it is the same. Let's talk about it in detail.

  When the worm gear reducer is running, the difference between the oil amount and the actual oil amount is relatively large. It is recommended to measure the oil amount and add an appropriate amount of worm gear reducer lubricating oil when the reducer is stopped.The manufacturer of the worm gear reducer generally has a manual to specify the oil quantity of the worm gear reducer, and the oil quantity is added to the 2/3 position of the oil window.And this data is in the shutdown state. Note: Do not add lubricating oil when the worm gear reducer is running.Because during the operation of the worm gear reducer, the internal gear or the worm gear rotates and drives the internal lubricating oil to run together. If the worm gear reducer is judged in this case, it may be full, or it may be lower than 2/3 of the oil window, there may even be no lubricating oil.