How to reduce the clearance of the screw lifter and improve the accuracy of calculation

The cooperation between the screw and the nut of the screw lift is very important.Therefore, in the process of equipment maintenance, it is very necessary to pay attention to eliminating the gap between the lead screw and the nut.How to reduce the clearance of the screw elevator to improve the accuracy?

  1. Compensation for axial movement: First, measure the perpendicularity error between the positioning end face of the bearing on the main shaft and the center line of the main shaft and its direction position; then measure the end face circular runout error of the thrust bearing and its highest point position, and finally position the bearing. The highest point of the end face is shifted.The amount of error of axial play can be reduced.

  For example, gears, worm gears and other parts should first measure the radial runout value of the parts on the outer circle and the shaft at the assembly of the parts, and determine the position of the highest point respectively.During assembly, move and adjust the highest point of the radial runout of the two so that they are in a direction that differs by 180°, so as to offset the local radial runout error.When assembling the rolling bearing, the highest point of the radial circular runout of the journal and the lowest point of the radial circular runout of the inner diameter of the rolling bearing can be installed at the same position.

  2. Compensation for radial runout: For the parts assembled on the shaft, in order to reduce the radial runout value at the front end of the main shaft, the maximum radial runout points generated at the front and rear bearings can be located in the same axial plane. On the same side of the spindle centerline, and make the error value of the front bearing smaller than that of the rear bearing.

  Its carrying capacity is much higher than that of the staggered-axis helical gear mechanism.Shift compensation for screw lifts - shift compensation is often used for error compensation of single precision.In order to assemble with the lowest point of the circular runout of the thrust bearing end face.