What is special about the structure design of the special gear reducer

It is said that it is a special gear reducer only because it is a structure and a gear structure.However, its production and processing method is through the ordinary gear reduction motor, and the reducer is more complicated.It is a sector planetary gear reducer. Let's take a look at the structural design features of this special gear reducer:
XNUMX. Structural design features:
(1) The equiangular displacement is adopted to improve the bearing capacity of the gear, facilitate calculation, reduce the design amount, and speed up the progress.
(2) The foreign advanced cantilever planet carrier structure is adopted, which reduces the axial dimension, makes the structure tightly read, facilitates processing and installation, and reduces costs.
(3) The planetary gear uses the needle roller bearing into the sun, which not only adapts to the characteristics of the planetary transmission, but also increases the service life. Due to the relatively small size of the needle roller bearing, its price is generally lower than that of the domestic bearing used in other forms of planetary carriers. .
(4) The sun gear is floating, which can compensate the adverse effect of the installation caused by the machining error to a greater extent.
(5) It adopts hard-tooth surface gears, six-level precision, stable operation and long service life.The sun gear and the planet gear are made of high-quality carburized steel, the teeth are ground, carburized and quenched, and the hardness of the tooth surface: the sun gear can reach HRC58-6l, and the planetary gear is HRC55-58.The inner gear ring is made of nitrided steel. After gear shaping, it is treated with glow nitriding. The hardness can reach HV550 or more. The depth of the nitrided layer is more than 0.35mm. strength and wear resistance.
(6) Each stage of the planet carrier and the next stage of the sun gear are connected by a 30-degree involute spline, which has the characteristics of accurate positioning, convenient installation, convenient maintenance, large bearing capacity, small thickness of the planet carrier, and close reading of axial dimensions.The two are separated by a friction plate (bronze piece). Under the condition of sufficient lubrication, the bronze and the hardened end face of the sun gear form a pair of friction pairs, which are not only wear-resistant, but also easy to process and install.The clearance between each stage of planetary transmission is 0.3-0.5mm, and the total clearance is 0.9-2mm.
Due to the reference to a large number of atlases and materials related to the planet carrier and differential mechanism in the design, and comparing their advantages and disadvantages, the various planetary mechanisms are effectively combined in the design. Through manufacturing, installation, running-in and user The actual use proves that the design of the reducer is more advanced, the parameters are reasonable, the structure is tight, and the manufacture and installation are convenient.
XNUMX. Carburizing gear processing
(1) Gear production and processing flow for carburizing treatment
Rough forging→Rough machining→Chemical composition inspection→Ultrasonic flaw detection→Workpiece pretreatment (normalizing or tempering)→Ultrasonic flaw detection→Workpiece semi-finishing→Carburizing and quenching→Finishing→Grinding→Tooth surface magnetic particle inspection→Tooth part Chamfering, trimming.
(2) Deformation inspection of tooth surface after carburizing treatment
After carburizing treatment, it is easy to be deformed. When processing after carburizing treatment, while checking the deformation of each outer circle, the deformation of the tooth surface should also be checked. The method similar to measuring the tooth thickness across the rod distance is adopted. At both ends of the tooth width And the middle point, 3-5 measuring rods are fixed at each measuring point, the measurement results are compared with the measurement results of each outer circle deformation, and the tooth grinding process is carried out after comprehensively dividing the deformation amount.
Summary: The planetary reducer designed and manufactured in China meets the requirements for the use of the reducer for the sector drive device. It has been officially put into production at the user's site and has been well received by the user.It has certain reference value for the design and manufacture of the same type of equipment in the future.