Use and maintenance of worm gear reducer

When the new reducer or the newly replaced worm gear is used for the first time, the new lubricating oil should be replaced after running for 7-14 days; in the subsequent use, the quality of the lubricating oil should be checked regularly. The lubricating oil must be replaced in time.For the reducer that runs continuously for a long time, the lubricating oil must be replaced every 2-3 months; for the reducer whose working time does not exceed 8 hours per day, the lubricating oil must be replaced every 4-6 months; under severe working conditions , the frequency of changing the lubricating oil should be appropriately increased.​
When changing the oil regularly, the inside of the reducer should be cleaned, and the contact of the tooth surface, the axial play of the worm and the bearing should be checked. If any abnormality is found, it should be adjusted or replaced. to work after that.​
For the reducer that works continuously, the oil temperature should be checked frequently during operation. When the oil temperature exceeds 90 °C, it should be stopped immediately to check, troubleshoot or replace the lubricating oil before continuing to work.​
The reducer should be overhauled once a year.Spare parts must meet the requirements of the original drawings. After replacing the spare parts, they must be run-in and put into normal work after the test run.​
When the reducer is abnormal during operation, such as a sharp rise in the temperature of the box, abnormal sound, sudden change in oil temperature, etc., it should be stopped immediately, check the main engine and reducer, and take corresponding measures or contact the manufacturer.​